Privacy Policy

Personal information management
of Fujita Health University

[Personal information] refers to information of patients, including names, birth date and others, which can be used to identify a person. It is a must to use personal information for patient's diagnosis and treatment. In addition, our hospital is not only a medical institution, but also an education and research institution. As a university affiliated hospital, we also use patient's valuable personal information for the purpose of specific record. Certainly, personal information used for medical purpose should be carefully handled, so we established a Personal Information Management Committee and a perfect information management system in our university hospital to protect privacy of patients. Thank you for your understanding and collaboration.

1. The purposes of personal information use (The patient's personal information is used for the following purposes)

(1) Medical care service

  • Providing medical services in the hospital
  • Explaining the patient's conditions to the families
  • Cooperating with other hospitals, clinics, maternity homes, pharmacies, home-visit nursing stations, nursing-care services, etc.
  • Answering the consultation related to medical service from other medical institutions, etc.
  • Asking for advices and suggestions from extenal on the diagnosis of patients
  • Business outsourcing of laboratory tests, etc.
  • And for other purposes related to medical care services for patients

(2) Medical expenses settlement and management operation

  • Medical insurance affair and its commissioned business
  • Submitting checklists of treatment to the audit and payment institutions
  • Answering inquries from the audit and payment institutions or insurance companies.
  • Ward management of admission and leaving hospital, etc.
  • Settlement, Accounting
  • Reports of medical malpractice, etc.
  • Medical service improvement to the patient
  • Accuracy management of checkup and treatment

(3) Other medical related purposes

  • Reports of health diagnosis to the entrusted companies, etc.
  • Medical consult reports or certifications to some specific groups, and insurance companies, etc.
  • Basic documents for medical service improvement and service maintaining
  • Information registry and utilization of cancer registry in the hospital
  • Information for the local cancer registry of local governments.

(4) Education and research in the hospital and university (including the utilization of diagnosis information, diagnosis images, etc.)

  • Student interning of doctor, nurse, public health nurse, pharmacist, clinical examination technician, clinical engineering technician, diagnostic radiology technician, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, speech-language-hearing therapist, dietician, dental hygienist, medical affairs, etc..
  • Medical seminars and training for doctors, dentists, nurses, public health nurses, pharmacists, clinical examination technicians, clinical engineering technicians, diagnostic radiology technicians, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech-language-hearing therapists, dieticians, and dental hygienists, medical affairs, etc.
  • Discussions on the seminars of diseases, autopsy and clinical pathology, etc.
  • Clinical researches and post-approval clinical researches (under the guideline of university ethics committee, relation acts)
  • The questionnaires related to treatment course, prognosis investigation, patient satisfaction investigation and service improvement

If you have any questions, please feel free to consult for details. If you do not request particularly, it will be deemed to be agreed and thank you for understanding.

2. Other uses (except above purposes).

Except the foregoing uses, other uses must be agreed by patients

3. Patient's rights (Patients have the following rights about personal information.)

  • Patients have rights to request the hosptital to show their own information after completing the prescribed formalities.
  • If misses and errors are found, patients have rights to ask the hospital to correct after completing the prescribed formalities.
  • If the personal information is thought to be improperly used, patients have rights to request the hospital to stop using, delete and stop providing personal information after completing the prescribed formalities.
  • If you don't agree with the foregoing contents of the rights, you can raise an objection to our hospital.

4. Protection of personal privacy in the hospital (Please pay attention to the following items in order to protect privacy of patients in the hospital.)

  • From the viewpoint of preventing an error, in principle, only the patient's family name is called when calling a patient.
  • It is deemed that the inpatient instructions at the hospital visiting reception have been understood, if there is no special requirement.
    Generally, any inquiry from call about the condition of desease and the condition of inpatient or outpatient of patients, etc. will not be answered for private consideration, unless it is agreed by the patients.

(When the patient himself or herself is unable to determine correctly, the family can express understanding on his or her behalf.)

5. Related consulting service of personal information

If you have any question of personal information, please contact us [consulting service].
[Consulting service] Outpatient Building 1st Floor Tel:+81-562-93-2962

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