Travelling to Japan

A guide for inpatients

What you should bring with you

  • Underwear
  • Toiletries (toothbrush & paste, soap, shampoo, towels, pajamas and so on)
  • Cutlery (such as a knife & fork, chopsticks)
  • Daily necessities (paper towel, etc.)
  • Shoes (well-fit non-slippery shoes)
  • Clothes can be washed by using washing machines, and dry cleaning machines in the hospital.(Charge)
  • Due to the limited capacitance, please don't bring electrical appliances to the hospital.
  • If you want to use television, radio, etc. in the ward (except single room), please use headphones.
  • Please write your name on the personal belongings.
  • Because of the limited storage space in the ward, please try not to bring too many personal items.
  • We are not responsible for any troubles such as losses of personal belongings. Please use the safe deposit box to take care of your valuables.

What you should bring with you

If you are taking any medicine (including over-the-counter drugs), please give the drug manual or the materials of drug information to the doctor, pharmacist or nurse for confirmation. In addition, if you have drug allergy symptoms, please inform as early as possible. The pharmacist will provide drug management and instruction for you.

Management of safety

Wrist strap

The wrist strap is used to avoid confusion of personal information during your stay in our hospital.

Wrist strap

Prevention of tumbling and falling

It is easy to tumble when patients are staying in the hospital because of the effects of disease, injury or environmental change. We strive to keep patients away from tumble and to ensure their safety in the hospital, but accidents cannot be avoided absolutely. So, the collaboration from patients and their families is necessary. Please read the [tumble and falling prevention manual] carefully which is deliberately provided by inpatient department, in order to reduce the risk of tumbling and falling. We appreciate all your understanding and cooperation. In addition, we recommend you to wear non-slippery sport shoes during hospitalization. Please don't wear sandals, slippers nor artificial rubber sandals.

Prevention of tumbling and falling

Infection control

Hands disinfection

Finger disinfectant is placed at the entrance of each ward, etc. Please use it when you get in or out of the ward.

Hygiene manner of cough

Please wear a mask when you have symptoms of coughing or sneezing.

Use of gloves and masks

The staff wears a pair of surgical gloves and a long gown as for the medical treatment as a regulation.

Choice of wards

The ward may be assigned temporarily by us, as an infection control measure.

Bringing of flower

Flowers are not allowed to be brought in some wards. Please consult the nurse in each ward for the details.


Please try to avoid visiting children. There is not enough space for visitors especially in children's wards, emergency center, centralized therapy rooms and so on. In addition, visiting will be regulated during the epidemic period of viral colds.

Bringing of dangerous items

Please don't bring dangerous items, including lighters, scissors, fruit knives, etc. If these mentioned items are brought, please inform the nurse and the dangerous items will be kept in the inpatient building.

Jewelry and nail polish

Wearing jewelry (including rings, necklaces, earrings and so on) is not recommended during medical therapy and check-up. It may interfere the medical devices. Meanwhile, from the security point of view, please don't wear them when you come to the hospital. In addition, wearing nail polish might also interfere with the treatment and check-up as well. Please remove it before hospitalization.


The meals are provided by us during your stay in the hospital.

During your stay with us, the nutrition manager provides the suitable dietary for each patient. When you would like to have your own food & drinks, please let us know. It may affect your medical treatment and therapy efficiency.

  • The dietary is generally divided into ordinary dietary and therapeutic dietary.
  • The dining time during your stay here is as stated below:
    * The time is slightly different among each building.
    Breakfast: around 7:30
    Lunch: around 12:00
    Dinner: around 18:00
  • Manual about the dietary is available. Please consult nurse of the ward after hospitalization.
  • If you have food allergies, please inform doctors or nurses as early as possible.
  • Dietary could be guided by the nutrition manager. Please consult doctors or nurses.

Going out & Staying out overnight

  • During your stay in the hospital, the permission of doctor is required to go out & stay out overnight.
    Before you go out, please inform us and fill in the required form.
  • We are accredited as the specific function hospital with advanced and acute stage medical care. Therefore, during your stay with us, there is a regulation of "Two days one night" for staying out overnight. We appreciate all your understanding.

About mobile phone

  • Mobile phones can be used in the hospital except the prohibited area.
  • Please use the silent mode for cell-phones in the hospital.
  • Since the medical dedicated mobile phone (for medical staff) is for the emergency contact, it is allowed to use even in the prohibited area. Please keep it in your mind.
  • Please use the mobile phone in the specified places in a polite manner, without bothering others.
  • Due to the privacy protection, we do not allow you to use any sound or visual recording devices without the prior permission.

In the mobile phone prohibited area stated below, please make sure to turn off the power.

In the mobile phone prohibited area stated below, please make sure to turn off the power.
  • Centralized therapy rooms (ICU, HCU, NCU, CCU, Acute ICU, GICU, Disaster Trauma Center, NICU, GCU)
  • Operating theater
  • Blood Purification Center
  • Within 50cm around the medical devices with the mobile phone prohibited label

Wireless internet service

This is a free internet access service provided to the patients. Please contact the nurse in ward about the terms of use.


At: Building A only
For: 24hrs a day


WiFi availability (Building A only)


Accompanying is not necessary in the ward. However, if patients want to be accompanied because of his/her personal special reasons, you need the permission from us. Please tell the nurse about it and fill in the relevant form. When you need the help for taking a bath, there is a dedicated bathroom with the caregiver (Building#1, 10th Floor). Please buy a shower ticket (150 yen/each) at the General Affairs Department (Building#1, 1st Floor) before using.

  • General Affairs Dept. Open:
    Monday to Friday 8:45 to 17:00
    Saturday: 8:45 to 12:30
  • Bathroom Open:
    13:00 to 19:00 daily

No smoking

Smoking is prohibited in all area of the hospital. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
Please take it as a good opportunity to stop smoking during your hospitalization.
To offer the non-smoking environment is the best service for patients.

No smoking

Bad behaviors
(loud noise, curse, violence, annoying behaviors, intimidation, damaging and defiling the building and so on)

We refuse or stop treatment in case patients or their families interfere with therapy or make troubles to other patients.
If the warning or/and the instruction by staff is not effective, we may call to the Police station. We do sincerely appreciate your understanding and cooperation in order to keep the patients’ safety and provide efficient treatment for the best medical services.

Room charges

Room charges