Message from Hospital Director

We provide specialized and advanced medical care for all our patients.

Message from Hospital Director

Hospital Director: Ryoichi Shiroki M.D., Ph.D.

Fujita Health University Hospital was established in 1973 based on the founder, Keisuke Fujita’s philosophy, "With infinite sympathy for the afflicted, we provide medical care at all times ". Today, with 40 departments and the largest number of hospital beds in Japan, we strive to better our contribution to the community and promote advancement and globalization of medicine. At the same time, as a university hospital, we are driven to raise “good medical professionals” and propel medical research.

In cancer treatment, we were one of the earliest facilities to introduce the surgical robot “da Vinci” in 2008. Now we are ready to provide robotic surgery in all areas where its applicable. Additionally, the first domestically produced surgical support robot, “hinotori”, has now been introduced, and we are conducting tests for remote surgeries to further its innovation.

In foreign patient care, we were accredited by JCI in 2018 and its renewal in 2021. It guarantees internationally high standards of medicine, patient care and safety. Also, we were chosen as Japan Medical Service Accreditation for International Patients and Japan International Hospitals by Japanese third-party organizations and serve as a base for accepting foreign patients.

As a government approved advanced treatment hospital, we serve as a stronghold for the community. In April 2021, Aichi prefecture has designated us to be an Advanced Emergency Medical Center, that provides advanced care in tertiary emergency situations. In cases of major disaster such as earthquakes and typhoons, we will be acting as a Disaster Core Hospital taking part in rescues as well as treatments.

In response to COVID-19 pandemic, we have accumulated immense experience through treatment of passengers on Diamond Princess cruise at our Okazaki Medical Center and are now implementing that knowledge on infectious disease prevention. At the same time, we were the first in Japan to introduce robotically automated PCR testing system. And lastly, we provide venues for large scale vaccination, as our duty as a Disaster Core hospital.

We will continue to serve our community with the most advanced treatment and highest level of care, that guarantees satisfaction, and remain a leader in medical research and contribute to the advancement of medicine.

Ryoichi Shiroki M.D., Ph.D.

[Education and Work History]

Mar. 1984:
Received his medical degree at Keio University

May. 1984:
Completed his postgraduate clinical training at Keio University Hospital

May. 1988:
Started his career at TACHIKAWA HOSPITAL

Apr. 1992:
Joined Washington University in St. Louis, USA as a visiting research fellow of Surgery Department

Nov. 2014:
Joined Fujita Health University School of Medicine as a professor of Nephrology Department

Feb. 2016:
Served as Deputy Hospital Director of Fujita Health University Hospital

Sep. 2021:
Appointed as Hospital Director of Fujita Health University Hospital