International Medicine

With the rise in foreign visitors to Japan, the number of international patients who visit our hospital is also increasing year by year. In addition, Aichi Prefecture has a significant foreign resident population working in various industries. At our hospital, we have a system in place that provides safe and reliable medical care to international patients.

Provision of Information in Multiple Languages

Multilingual Website and In-Hospital Signage

Our website offers English and Chinese versions, in addition to Japanese. Inside the hospital, signage is provided in Japanese, English, and Chinese in parallel. Some screening forms are available in multiple languages.

Interpretation Services

Given the characteristics of the region, where many Brazilians reside, we have dedicated Portuguese and Spanish interpreters on-site. At the reception, volunteers who speak Portuguese help patients fill out screening forms and guide them to each department.

Introducing Remote Interpreting Services

Fujita Health University Hospital introduced a translation app, “MELON”, offered by KONICA MINOLTA. This remote medical interpreting and speech translation services using a tablet facilitate communication between medical staff and patients. This app supports 20 languages including not only English, Chinese, and Portuguese but also Thai and Vietnamese.

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Aichi Medical Interpretation System

Our hospital participates in the Aichi Medical Interpretation System, provided by Aichi Prefecture. Patients can request an interpreter to be dispatched through this system. In addition, we are working to provide information in cooperation with the City's International Exchange Association, Nagoya International Center, Toyoake City Citizens’ Collaboration Division, etc.

‣ Aichi Medical Interpretation System Promotion Council

Accreditations and Designations for International Patients

Certifications issued by various third-party organizations demonstrate that the hospital is accommodating towards international patients, and also guarantee that the quality of medical care is in line with international standards. Our hospital has obtained various certifications from outside organizations regarding the acceptance of international patients.

JMIP (Japan Medical Services Accreditation for International Patients)

JMIP checks whether a hospital has a system in place that allows international patients to receive safe and reliable medical care, based on five criteria: Acceptance, patient services, operational provision of medical care, organizational structure and management, and efforts made for improvement. Currently, 45 hospitals nationwide have obtained this accreditation.

Base Hospital for Accepting International Patients

On December 18, 2014, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare selected our hospital as a base hospital for the 2014 subsidized “Project to Improve the Conditions for the Acceptance of International Patients by Medical Institutions.” Due to the placement of medical interpreters, etc., we have been certified as a base hospital accepting international patients in the region.

Japan International Hospitals

As a medical institution accepting travelers seeking medical care through Medical Excellence JAPAN (MEJ), our hospital was selected as a “Japan International Hospital” due to our track record of diagnosing and treating international patients.