Frequently Asked Questions

About the Location of the Hospital

About In-Hospital Facilities and Amenities

  • I would like to know how much parking costs.
    Discounts are available only for outpatients, and inpatients on the days of their admission and discharge.
    Visitors must pay parking fees at the time of their visit. Please pay as you exit the parking lot.
    Parking is free for the first 30 minutes, and 100 yen per hour thereafter.
  • Can I use my mobile phone inside the hospital?
    You may use mobile phones inside the hospital, except in areas where mobile phone use is prohibited.
    Prohibited Areas:
    Please Turn Off Your Mobile Phone
    • Intensive Care Units
      (ICU, HCU, NCU, CCU, Acute ICU, GICU, Disaster Trauma Center, NICU, GCU)
    • Operating Rooms
    • Blood Purification Center
    • Within a radius of 50 cm around medical devices marked with the “mobile phone prohibited” sign

    * Please switch your phone to silent mode in the hospital in order not to disturb other patients.
    * Please understand that our medical staff carry mobile phones specifically designated for emergency use.
  • Is there a place in the hospital where I can smoke?
    Smoking is prohibited not only inside the hospital, but also in the area surrounding the hospital buildings.
    We regret the inconvenience caused to those who smoke, but we believe that creating an environment that discourages smoking is in the best interests of our patients.
    For those who still wish to smoke, we offer support through the Tobacco Cessation Outpatient Clinic. For more information, please consult the outpatient services of the internal medicine department, or the staff of the department you are being seen in.
    We support your effort to quit smoking. Please consult the outpatient services of the internal medicine department, or the staff of the department you are being seen in.
  • Is there a place to eat or shop?
    Establishments such as Restopia Fujita, DOUTOR Coffee, FamilyMart, etc. are available.
    • See here for details.
  • I would like to know the opening and closing times of the main entrance.
    Main Entrance
    (Outpatient Building)
    * Currently closed * Currently closed 
    Passage Connecting to Parking Lot No. 1
    (Hospital Building B 1F)
    Weekdays: Open all day Holidays: Open all day
    East Entrance 1
    (Hospital Building A)
    Weekdays: Open all day Holidays: Open all day 
    East Entrance 2
    After-Hours Entrance
    (Hospital Building A)
    * Currently closed * Currently closed

About Medical Consultations

  • Can I get a thorough medical examination or a health checkup?
    Such services are not offered at our hospital. Please ask at your local public health center.

About Reception and Payments

  • I would like to be seen at your hospital. How should I proceed?
    • See here for details.
  • I was seen at your hospital long ago. Which reception desk should I go to?
    Please come to the Reception Desk for Patient(s) with Referral [No. 30] or the Outpatient Reception Desk [No. 31] (Monday to Saturday, 8:15 a.m.–11:30 a.m.).
    At that time, please bring the necessary documents, including your patient registration card, health insurance card, and letter of referral.
  • Is it possible to be seen at your hospital without a letter of referral?
    It is possible for you to be seen by a doctor. However, we will give priority to those who have made appointments in advance, and those who require more urgent care.
    In addition, you may be required to pay an elective medical care fee of 7,700 yen (including tax), together with the regular medical fees.

    * From Tuesday to Saturday, outpatient services in ophthalmology are open only for first-time patients with letters of referral.
    * We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for those patients who are brought in by ambulance and those who are in need of urgent care.
  • I lost my patient registration card.
    Reissue costs will be charged to replace lost cards.
    (New patient registration cards have been introduced as of April 2020. See here for details.)
    Please ask at the Outpatient Reception Desk [No. 31].
  • I am scheduled for a test at your hospital soon. How much will it cost?
    Please consult the Outpatient Cashier [No. 32] with documents such as appointment slips showing what kind of tests are scheduled.
    We accept a wide range of credit cards and debit cards for payment.
  • Is it possible to make an appointment for first visits?
    It is not possible for you to make an appointment on your own.
    However, your family doctor may make an appointment for you through Medical Referral and Consultation Department of our hospital.
    (If you are currently receiving treatment at another medical institution, please consult your family doctor.)
  • I would like to change the time of my appointment.
    As a rule, changes in appointment times will be allowed only under inexorable circumstances, such as a worsening of the symptoms.
    If you wish to change the time of your appointment due to unavoidable reasons, please contact the Outpatient Clinic Appointment Change Center.
    Click here for details: Changing your appointment
  • I am about to be hospitalized and am worried that the medical costs will be high. I would like to know more about the High-Cost Medical Expense Benefits Program.
    About the High-Cost
    Medical Expense Benefits Program
    (For Patients Under 70 Years of Age)
    This is a program in which, if the inpatient/outpatient medical fees you paid to hospitals during the span of one calendar month exceed a certain threshold (out-of-pocket payment ceiling), your insurance provider reimburses you for the amount exceeding that threshold, which is deemed a “high-cost medical expense.”
    As the contact points and application procedures differ depending on the type of health insurance, please contact your health insurance provider for details. * This program does not cover hospital meals, room surcharges, hospital gown rental fees, etc.
    About High-Cost
    Medical Expense Benefits Applied
    as Cash Payments
    (For Patients Under 70 Years of Age)
    For patients under the age of 70, upon presenting the “Eligibility Certificate for Ceiling-Amount Application,” the high-cost medical expense portion will be deducted from the patient’s inpatient/outpatient medical bill on the spot, leaving only the remainder (= the patient’s out-of-pocket payment ceiling) to be paid.
    If you have any questions or are experiencing any problems with payment, please contact the Reception Desk for Inpatient Admission or Medical Referral & Consultation Department.

About Visits by Family and Friends

  • I would like to visit a patient. When can I go in?
    Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, we are restricting all visits to patients to prevent infection within the hospital.
    However, visits may be allowed exceptional cases if deemed necessary for treatment, with the permission of the doctor.
    Click here for details: Restrictions on Visitations
  • An acquaintance has been hospitalized. Can I call to find out which room he/she is in?
    In order to protect the patient’s privacy, we cannot respond to inquiries over the phone.
    We provide information on visits in front of the central entrance during visiting hours for your convenience.
  • I would like to send a letter (in an envelope) to a hospitalized patient.
    There may be people with the same name and surname among the inpatients, so please write down where the patient is hospitalized in detail, including the ward and room number.
    In addition, please write the patient's name in full. 
  • Can I bring flowers on my visit to a patient?
    Some wards do not allow fresh flowers to be brought in. Please ask the ward nurse for details.