Our Principle and Mission




  1. We provide advanced, safe, high quality and patient-centered medical care.
  2. We respect patients’ rights, dignity, and privacy.
  3. We provide patients with the optimum care environment from the perspective of patients.
  4. We provide international-standard medical care which meets the needs of the society.
  5. We foster compassionate, open-minded and competent healthcare professionals.

Patients’ Rights and Responsibilities

●Patients’ Rights
  1. Patients have the right to receive attentive care in a respectful manner in a safe environment without regard to age, sex, race, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disorder. 
  2. Patients have the right to receive safe care in a non-threatening environment free from any form of bad practice, neglect, or abuse.
  3. Patients have the right to an environment where they are respected as an individual and they can maintain their positive image.
  4. Child patients have the right to receive the best possible treatment for their disease and injury so that they can grow.  Child patients have the right to have their own free will protected.  In addition, child patients have the right to be protected from any type of abuse or exploitation, as well as to express their thoughts freely. 
  5. Patients have the right to know the name of physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals who will provide them with medical treatment.
  6. Patients have the right to have our hospital staff inform their family, friends, home physicians who they choose that they are admitted to our hospital.
  7. Patients have the right to have their visitors stay by their side.  Visitors must abide by patients’ rights. 
  8. Patients have the right to receive explanation of their diagnosis, potential prognosis, benefit and risk of the treatment, expected and unexpected outcome of the treatment by physicians.  Patients have the right to make decisions about the treatment which physicians explain before commencing of any treatment except for emergency situations.
  9. Patients have the right to be assessed their pain, and to participate in decision making process of its treatment.
  10. Patients have the right to be free from physical restrain or isolation which are clinically unnecessary.
  11. Patients have the right to seek the utmost consideration for privacy and confidentiality regarding decision making on treatment or care, test, and medical treatment.
  12. Patients have the right to consult with their parents, lawyers, third parties about abuse and neglect.  Our hospital provides patients with necessary contact lists.
  13. Patients have the right to self-determination regarding services such as medical treatment which our hospital offers.  Family members and friends authorized by patients will also have the decision-making right.  This right includes the right to refuse medical treatment to the extent permitted by law.  In a case that patients leave our hospital against physicians’ advice, our hospital will not take responsibilities for any potential clinical consequences afterwards.
  14. Patients have the right to receive full explanation about clinical research before their decision making, and they have the right to self-determination on whether to participate or not in such research.  Even if the patients withdraw from the clinical research at any stage, they still have the right to receive the standard care.
  15. Patients have the right to request communication aids such as sign-language interpreters or foreign language interpreters and to secure them.
  16. If patients are unable to express, for some reason, their decision on medical treatment, they have the right to designate another person and to ask him/her to make decision on their behalf.
  17. At the times of discharge, transfer to the different hospital or the different ward, patients have the right to receive information and explanation at the proper time, and to participate in the planning process.  Also, patients have the right to receive the necessary support after the discharge or transfer. 
  18. Patients have the right to know the details of the bill which our hospital charges.
  19. Patients’ medical information is properly managed in compliance with the law.  In addition, our hospital doesn’t give such information to third parties without patients’ approval except to the extent required by law. 
  20. Based on the law, patients have the right to disclose their medical records, and to request correction if the content is wrong.
  21. Patients’ medical information are used for providing medical care, medical billing administration, administrative services, education and research, or other health-related affairs.  They are not used for other purposes without patients’ consent.
  22. Please consult with our staff if you have ethical concerns regarding contents and policies of medical treatment.
  23. Patients have the right to religious and spiritual assistance.
  24. Patients have the right to tell medical practitioners what they felt about the medical treatment they received.  
  25. Patients have the right to seek opinions from another physician through second opinion to determine the medical treatment which are recommended by the attending physician and to receive the medical treatment with consent.
●Patients’ Responsibilities
  1. Please provide your correct personal information for our hospital. Personal information includes your name, address, date of birth, contact phone number, health insurance identification number, or other information deemed necessary (by our hospital) for management and administration.
  2. Please provide the correct information about your health insurance for our hospital. As for billing, please make payment at the appropriate time.
  3. If you have any preference for or prior decision on your future treatment, please submit a written copy of your decision/preference to our hospital. 
  4. Please provide our hospital with exact information including your current health status/ medical condition, past treatment history (past illness, injury, hospitalization, medication, or supplement, and what you are doing for your health), and your health-related issues which may affect your body. 
  5. If you don’t understand what you are explained or instructed, please ask a question. When you find any difficulty in following treatment plan, you have the responsibility to inform the physicians.  If you don’t follow the plan of medical treatment or services without any consultation with physicians, responsibility of the outcome rests with you.
  6. Please be actively involved in your treatment plan for your pain, and tell the physicians and nurses about effects of the treatment. 
  7. At the time of admission, please refrain from bringing valuable items to the ward.  Please bring only necessary items as well as items that you were instructed to bring.
  8. You are kindly required to follow our hospital’s rules and regulations as there are many patients and visitors in the hospital.  Please treat our hospital staff, other patients, and visitors with respect in a courteous manner. Your consideration is highly appreciated in refraining from causing nuisance, noise, privacy invasion, and in limiting the number of visitors at a time.
  9. Please be punctual for your appointment.  If you are unable to keep your appointment, please contact our hospital.